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Working in schools

At Head and Heart Mindfulness we believe that it is a privilege to work so closely with the young minds of the 21st Century that need training in essential life skills to combat stress and worry, nurture positivity, help them deal with big emotions and allow them to thrive and succeed.  Head and Heart Mindfulness sessions are taught by experienced primary school and early childhood teachers and provide children with mindfulness, meditation and heartfulness skills to create their calm minds, happy hearts.  

Head and Heart Mindfulness lessons for children incorporate:
Mindfulness, meditation and heartfulness. We have created our own innovative and meaningful lesson framework - Be Calm, Be Happy. Click on the links below to find out what we include in our lessons to train young people to have healthy habits of the mind.

Head and Heart Mindfulness offer superior mindfulness and meditation programs to enhance mental health and wellbeing. In 2019 we have planned our own teaching and learning program based on our experience in working in preschools and schools and our own ongoing training and professional development. All Head and Heart Mindfulness programs follow the Be Calm, Be Happy framework and incorporate the best of our training and curriculums by international and national entities Mindful Schools (USA), Smiling Minds (Australia), Relax Kids (UK) and Rainbowcrystal Connection Mindfulness and Meditation (Australia). These organisations are renowned for providing quality, research based and award winning mindfulness and meditation curriculum and frameworks. Please feel free to visit their websites:



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Early Childhood Setting

When working in your early childhood centre or preschool, a Head and Heart Mindfulness teacher will teach mindfulness following our Be Calm, Be Happy lesson framework. At Head and Heart Mindfulness, we are trained to implement mindfulness programs with young children in fun and imaginative ways. We will cater for the needs of your centre and integrate the best of our training into your mindfulness lessons to build greater emotional intelligence, self-regulation and social skills in your preschoolers.

We offer ongoing 8 week programs that integrate mindfulness practise and skills. We also facilitate incursions in your centre based on the current interests of your children. Sessions run for 30 - 60 minutes. 

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Head and Heart Mindfulness will help your early childhood centre or preschool meet the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard.

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Primary School

When working in your school, a Head and Heart Mindfulness teacher will teach mindfulness to whole classes or withdraw students for targeted groups. At Head and Heart Mindfulness, we devise and implement mindfulness programs based on the Mindful Schools curriculum and Smiling Mind curriculum. Lessons are deliver through our Be Calm, Be Happy Framework.

All programs run for a period of 8 weeks in each term for a set time that is determined by you e.g. 15 minutes or 30 minutes in each class. The in-class course can run for 8 weeks, 16 weeks or 32 weeks with 16 weeks being the most popular option.

Click HERE to view our 32 Weeks of Mindfulness lesson overview.

Click HERE to view our Primary School Information Pack

Head and Heart Mindfulness will help your school to meet its wellbeing priorities in both your School Plan and Strategic Directions. All lessons and programs meet outcomes and content in the PDHPE K-10 New Syllabus and are in line with the NSW Department of Education and Communities: The Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

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Professional Development

Head and Heart Mindfulness can come to your school, preschool or early childhood service to deliver mindfulness professional development sessions that are both informative and provide practical tools for teachers and educators. These training sessions teach staff about mindfulness, meditation and heartfulness to enable you to support the children in your care and create quality learning environments.

During a professional development session you will learn about mindfulness, meditation and heartfulness and their benefits, tools to integrate mindfulness into your daily practise and ways to be improve your wellbeing and productivity at work. 

Sessions can run from 1 - 3 hours depending on the depth of knowledge and skills that you would like your staff to learn.

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*Please note that personal knowledge and practise of mindfulness is essential for you to be an effective and understanding teacher of mindfulness in your classroom. 

We are currently working through the process of becoming endorsed by NESA. Register your interest for 2020!

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“As part of our student wellbeing program, the students of Glen William have been participating in Mindfulness lessons. These lessons incorporate techniques for self calming and relaxation. Students across the school have enjoyed the experience and have expressed ways as to how mindfulness lessons help them. Some responses have been " helps me do the right thing", "makes me feel happy and feel safer", "it calms my body down" and it teaches me ways to make myself better and calms me in stressful situations like when I fight with family or friends".

It has been a welcoming experience across our school.”

-Kristy Bultitude, Principal Glen William Public

“As a group our educators took part in mindfulness training with Kylie, we found this so beneficial both professionally and personally, we couldn't wait to share mindfulness with our children. Kylie is now sharing her mindfulness techniques and sessions with our children and we are finding it to be empowering and wonderful, our children are able to practice mindfulness throughout the day. We have found this to be an essential and rewarding experience for our Early Childhood environment as learning these skills from an early age helps children to develop key mindful skills to assist them throughout their life.”

-Kara, Nominated Supervisor King Street Community Preschool East Maitland

“We have lost count of the positive feedback that we have received throughout the year about the mindfulness classes that the children participate in each week with Kylie. Our educators are always hearing stories from parents about how their children are using mindfulness to self-regulate at home - including our students with additional needs.”

-Kassie, Former Nominated Supervisor Uniting Early Learning Adamstown Heights

“Mindfulness is something that can benefit everyone. I practise mindfulness daily to build my attention, develop self-regulation and empathy towards others. By developing mindfulness I am able to listen to my self-talk and keep on track with how I am feeling. Whenever there is an increase in stress I can take a moment to ground myself and be ready for what comes next.”

“I am very excited that we are able to offer this program. All students will benefit from developing these skills and they can be used anywhere; at school, home or sport.”

-Steven Richard Principal Bolwarra Public School

“My 7yr old suffers from Anxiety particularly at bed time, she has attended Kylies classes both during school and afterwards and she loves them! Kylie builds up such a great rapport with each child. She gives them great practical tools that they can use themselves anywhere to overcome their worries. From breathing techniques to books, worry dolls and mindful CD's, they are all great and follow through what is taught during the class. My daughter loves her mindfulness classes and practices what Kylie has taught her.”

-Molly Nevin, mother of student at Bolwarra Public

“Maxwell has absolutely loved participating in the mindfulness program at preschool. Each week he has fondly recounted his experiences and demonstrated the different exercises he has learnt and enjoyed. At home he even role plays being the teacher, by instructing myself and his sister on different breathing exercises! As parents we feel the mindfulness program has been extremely beneficial to our child.” 

-Suzette Thompson, mother a child attending George St Preschool East Maitland